Apple is rumored to develop a new iPhone app called Jurassic, which will include a daily journal feature to promote mental and physical health. The app will encourage users to log their daily actions and thoughts and collect other user data, such as medical records and text messages. The company is reportedly inspired by popular diary apps such as Day One. The new app is expected to analyze user behavior to record daily routines and detect physical proximity to other people.

The development of this app has raised concerns among existing app developers, particularly Day One’s founder Paul Mayne, who anticipates being in direct competition with Apple. Mayne suspects that Apple has been working on a similar app for some time and says that Day One’s fame on the App Store has declined since then.

Apple’s plans for the Jurassic app include a focus on user privacy. The analysis of user data will be carried out on the device, and Apple will only offer suggestions on what to include in the daily log, which will be removed after a month. The company has been accused of using software developers for market research and has faced lawsuits over health-related features in Apple Watch.

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While the exact release date of Jurassic remains unknown, it is expected to cement further Apple’s focus on promoting mental and physical well-being through technology.


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