How long does the iOS update beta program last? Well, for annual major updates, this period is set at around 2.5-3 months, intermediate versions, as a rule, are tested no longer than a month, and small security patches, in most cases, go straight into the release. From this point of view, intermediate updates are most interesting because, during their testing, they should receive 5-7 assemblies. Still, sometimes Cupertino makes exceptions to their own rules, such as in iOS 14.4.

iOS 14.4 Release Candidate is a pre-release build of a test update

Today, January 21, Apple released the third beta of iOS 14.4 to developers. However, the assembly received not the number “3”, as is usually expected in such cases, but the designation RC. We figure out what new update brings us and where the ordinal designation has gone.

What is an iOS Release Candidate?

Apple has released iOS 14.4 Release Candidate. What's new? TechRechard

IOS 14.4 doesn’t have many iconic features that could fit into a smaller patch

RC is short for Release Candidate. This designation means the same thing that at one time meant the mark, Golden Master. This is the assembly that comes out just before the release of the update and contains all the same innovations that will be in the final version.

As a rule, the update is released to the public space for all users a week or less after the RC build’s launch, but since they have an identical build number, then, by and large, from RC to release, you can not update.

What’s new in iOS 14.4

IOS 14.4 does not have as many innovations as iOS 14.3, although it belongs to the so-called functional updates:

  • Improved interaction between iPhone and HomePod mini via U1 chip;
  • Mention of the ability to change the headband on AirPods Max;
  • Simplified wallpaper change in auto mode via Quick commands;
  • Touch control using VoiceOver mode;
  • Correction of system bugs and critical vulnerabilities;
  • Notice about using non-original camera module;
  • A new type of workout in Apple Watch called Time for a Walk;
  • Possibility to indicate the type of connected Bluetooth-device for correct measurement of the volume level.

When will iOS 14.4 comes out?

Apple has released iOS 14.4 Release Candidate. What's new? TechRechard

iOS 14.4 will be released next week. Likely

As you can see, in terms of content, iOS 14.4 is really hard to classify as functional updates. In my opinion, Apple could clearly have implemented all these innovations by releasing some minor security patches related to the third order. But, probably, Cupertino knew what they were doing, and therefore it is possible that the true purpose of the release of iOS 14.4, which will be released next week, we will find out a little later.

What’s more interesting is that Apple plans to release iOS 14.4 after only two rounds of beta testing. The fact is that the RC version can hardly be attributed to a full-fledged stage since, by the time of its release, the update already includes all the planned innovations and fixes and will not change in any way until the release. The only thing that at the very least justifies Apple is the testing period, which lasted about two months.

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