Today (January 26), Apple released the final build of iOS 14.4. The company’s developers prepared the update for launch in just two beta testing stages, which is quite atypical even for pass-through updates, which take 5-7 stages to test. Even the final beta build of iOS 14.4, released last week, was marked as Release Candidate. That is, in fact, it did not differ from the release one, having an identical set of functions and even a build number. Let’s figure out why this happened and whether it is worth installing a new OS version.

iOS 14.4 was released, although only two full stages of testing have passed since the launch of the first beta version

Even though Apple was in no hurry to implement the new iOS 14.4, there were quite a few of them by the final stage of beta testing. Yes, almost all of these are not very significant or technical changes in the operating system’s functional range, but, one way or another, they are all aimed at improving the user experience.

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Apple has released iOS 14.4 for everyone. What's new? TechRechard

There are not many iconic innovations in iOS 14.4, but there are ones aimed at improving the user experience.

iOS 14.4 Features and Innovations:

  • Recognition of smaller QR codes;
  • Classification of Bluetooth devices by type;
  • Recognition of counterfeit cameras in iPhone 12;
  • Time to Walk mode support for Apple Watch;
  • New Unity watch face for Apple Watch;
  • Improved iPhone and HomePod mini interaction via U1;
  • Simplified wallpaper change in auto mode through “Quick commands”;
  • Touch controls in VoiceOver mode.

In addition to functional innovations, iOS 14.4 has a lot of bug fixes and shortcomings found in previous versions of the operating system:

  • We fixed an issue that caused artifacts to appear in HDR photos;
  • Addressed an issue where the fitness widget might not update activity data.
  • Fixed a bug that led to incorrect switching of languages ​​on the keyboard;
  • Audio in the News app for CarPlay now plays automatically after talking to Siri;
  • Switch Control activation no longer interferes with receiving phone calls from the lock screen.
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Should I install iOS 14.4?

Apple has released iOS 14.4 for everyone. What's new? TechRechard

iOS 14.4 is worth installing at least because of the fixes the update contains

The content of iOS 14.4 can hardly be called unique or super-useful since there should not be any errors in the system by default, and some of the functional innovations that still leaked into the update are unlikely to be appreciated by most users. In the end, HomePod mini is still not for sale, and Time to Walk mode is obviously part of the Apple Fitness + service. However, personally, I would still install – and, in fact, install – iOS 14.4 for several reasons.

Firstly, these are, of course, bug fixes that no-no and even interfere with the work with the iPhone and iPad. Secondly, Apple has been testing iOS 14.4 for quite some time, despite only releasing two test builds. This may mean that the update turned out to be of high quality and hassle-free (in any case, I would like to believe it). Thirdly, Apple often includes several fixes in iOS updates that it does not mention. As a rule, these are fixes for critical vulnerabilities and the most dangerous bugs in the security system.

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