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Apple Expands Emergency SOS Satellite Feature to 16 Nations

Apple Expands Emergency SOS Satellite Feature to 16 Nations

To ensure user safety, Apple incorporated the Emergency SOS feature via satellite in the iPhone 14 last year. The company confirmed that this two-year complimentary security feature will extend to the recently unveiled iPhone 15.

From Two Countries to Sixteen

Initially, the satellite-backed emergency service was exclusive to United States and Canada users. However, Apple has since extended its reach to a dozen countries as part of its global commitment. The tech giant further disclosed that by the close of 2023, Spain and Switzerland would join this league, bringing the total tally to 16 nations.

Enhanced Features for Improved Safety

The Emergency SOS feature is a lifeline, especially when users find themselves in areas devoid of cellular coverage. This functionality requires an iPhone 14 or a more recent model, which establishes a satellite connection to summon emergency aid. But Apple isn’t stopping there. It’s rolling out an expanded Emergency SOS feature in the U.S. to include roadside assistance. This initiative, resulting from a collaboration between Apple and AAA, promises to be a game-changer for motorists.

Apple Shares Real-life Rescues

Apple aired an emotional video highlighting the tangible impact of the Emergency SOS feature. The footage featured genuine accounts of users who, when confronted by difficult situations, successfully sought help using the satellite SOS feature on their iPhone 14.

As the tech landscape evolves, Apple’s steadfast focus on user safety, as showcased by these developments, reinforces its position as a leader in innovation with a human touch.

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