In his latest creative endeavor, the well-known Apple aficionado, Basic Apple Guy, has again delighted iPhone, iPad, and Mac users with a captivating wallpaper collection. This time, the designs are inspired by a lighthearted joke by Craig Federighi, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Software Engineering. The wallpapers pay homage to the fictional location of “macOS Rancho Cucamonga” and offer users a serene and visually pleasing experience.

Basic Apple Guy took to his blog over the weekend to unveil the new wallpapers and share the story behind their creation. To understand the origins of the design, we must rewind to the time of WWDC14, when Apple was transitioning from naming its operating systems after big cats to Californian locations. Craig Federighi humorously referenced Apple’s “Great Marketing Team” scouting various Californian places for the next OS X name during the event. Before the official introduction of OS X Yosemite, Apple teased the possibilities of OS X Oxnard, OS X Weed, and even OS X Rancho Cucamonga.

Download macOS Rancho Cucamonga Wallpapers

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Motivated by the desire to give credit to the fictional location, Basic Apple Guy set out to create a beautiful wallpaper reminiscent of macOS’s aesthetic instead of letting Rancho Cucamonga remain the butt of a WWDC joke. Although he initially crafted a design using Midjourney, Basic Apple Guy felt the resolution was inadequate. Determined to achieve the highest quality and intricate details, he started afresh and meticulously recreated the wallpaper with a “vector tree at the vanishing point.”

It is safe to assume that Craig Federighi and Apple’s esteemed marketing team will be immensely proud when they glimpse Basic Apple Guy’s final masterpiece. One cannot help but wonder if this stunning wallpaper might even be on the grand stage during Apple’s future keynotes.

iPhone, iPad, and Mac users who wish to adorn their screens with beautiful macOS Rancho Cucamonga wallpapers can download them now. Furthermore, Basic Apple Guy’s blog offers a treasure trove of other remarkable wallpapers for those eager to explore more captivating designs.


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