Apple develops MagSafe External Battery for iPhone 12

Bloomberg’s Mark Gourmet shared another insider regarding Apple. He says the company is currently working on an external battery for the iPhone 12 line that connects to them via MagSafe technology.

Apple has previously released special Smart Battery Cases for users who want to extend their smartphone’s battery life. However, the iPhone 12 hasn’t received such a case yet, and probably won’t. After all, why constantly carry a smartphone in a rather bulky case if you can only cling to the battery while charging.

We previously discussed, iOS 14.5 Confirms Apple Is Making Magnetic Removable iPhone Battery.

The external battery design will be similar to the MagSafe wallet. It is reported that at least one prototype is made in white with a rubber coating. Obviously, the battery capacity will not be huge, but this option looks more elegant than a protruding wire connected to a regular power bank.

At the same time, Bloomberg notes that Apple faced some problems while developing the accessory. In particular, iOS is starting to indicate that the power bank is overheating even when it doesn’t. Therefore, it is not a fact that the gadget will eventually go into mass production.

Sources: 9to5mac, Bloomberg

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