The Latest Developer Betas Come with Unspecified Changes and Fixes!

Apple continues to push the boundaries with its recent unveiling of the fifth developer beta versions of watchOS 9.6 and tvOS 16.6. These versions incorporate undefined updates and rectifications, marking a step further in refining these operating systems.

How Developers Can Access the Latest Betas

Developers who have joined the beta program can quickly get hold of these versions through the Apple Developer Center. They can also update their devices in the Settings. Moreover, Apple allows public beta testers to access these versions shortly after their developer-centric release.

Notable Features of the New Betas

The fifth beta of watchOS 9.6 bears the build number 20U5570A, which supersedes the prior build 20U5559C from the initial release of watchOS 9.6 beta. As for the tvOS 16.6 and HomePod software, the updated build number is 20M5571A, replacing the earlier build 20M5559C

Apple had previously launched the third betas for watchOS 9.6 and tvOS 16.6 on June 15, followed by unveiling the fourth developer betas for both operating systems on June 27.

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Potential Changes and Features in the New Betas

No detailed information regarding the features and changes included in the latest betas is available. However, more information will be forthcoming as developers delve deeper into these operating systems.

Apple’s Caution to Beta Users

In line with its prudent stance, Apple strongly advises users against installing beta operating systems or other beta software on devices deemed “mission-critical” or extensively used. This caution stems from a slight chance of encountering issues resulting in data loss. Instead, Apple encourages testers to use secondary or non-essential hardware for testing and to maintain adequate backups of critical data at all times.


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