Known primarily for gaming products, Razer has presented a set for productive and ergonomic office and home work. The Razer Productivity Suite includes a Pro Click mouse designed in collaboration with Humanscale, a Pro Type backlit mechanical keyboard and a Pro Glide mat. All three products feature an identical white finish with gray flecks, with Pro Click buttons rated for 50 million cycles and Pro Type switches for 80 million cycles.

The Razer Pro Click has been specifically designed in conjunction with Humanscale to minimize the health risks associated with prolonged use of the mouse, such as tendonitis (inflammation of a tendon) and carpal tunnel syndrome. The mouse is ergonomically shaped to position the user’s wrist at a 30-degree angle to prevent discomfort and injury from hand position. Designed with comfort zones in mind for both small and large hands, it features wide palm, thumb and pinky rests that fully support the entire arm, minimizing tabletop contact and relieving hand and shoulder stress.

The mouse features a Razer 5G optical sensor, 8 programmable buttons and an extended battery life (over 400 hours).

The Pro Type keyboard features a soft-touch finish, white LED backlighting, and Razer signature orange mechanical switches for quiet yet noticeable keystrokes for fast, accurate typing.

With wireless connectivity and Bluetooth connectivity for up to 4 devices (just like a mouse), the Pro Type is easy to customize for any workspace. Keys can be programmed using macros.

According to the developers, the Pro Glide mat not only matches the color scheme of the set, but also perfectly complements the capabilities of the Pro Click mouse. A durable, non-slip, high-density foam base is complemented by a soft, textured micro-woven surface for fast, precise mouse movements. The dimensions of the rug are 360x275x3 mm.

Announced Razer Productivity Suite, an ergonomic suite of Pro Click wireless mouse, Pro Type keyboard and Pro Glide mat TechRechard

The Razer Productivity Suite will go on sale in late August for the Razer Pro Click ($ 99.99), Razer Pro Type ($ 139.99) and Razer Pro Glide ($ 9.99).

Source: Razer

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