Amazon presented a palm recognition system that can be used to pay for purchases. Amazon One uses a palm pattern to identify the user.

Initially, Amazon One will be used in Amazon Go stores in Seattle. For its work, special scanners will be installed, over which you need to hold your palm “for about a second.”

“We believe that Amazon One has wide applications beyond retail stores, so we plan to provide our services to third parties, for example, to install scanners in office buildings, stadiums, etc., so that more people can use this and simple and convenient system, ”said Dilip Kumar, vice president of retail at Amazon.

He also added that the palm recognition system is considered more confidential than some biometric alternatives, because it is impossible to determine the identity of a person simply by looking at the image of his palm. The system requires the user to make a certain gesture by holding the palm over the device.

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Amazon One will use scanning equipment that includes proprietary computer vision algorithms to capture and encrypt an image of the palm. To use the service, you don’t even need an Amazon account, only a phone number and a credit card (to register, you need to insert the card into the device, then scan one or both palms). Amazon One users will be able to delete their biometrics from the company’s online portal if they no longer wish to use the service.

Sources: The verge, Amazon

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