Apple introduced wireless headphones four years ago. Since then, millions of earbuds have been sold as buyers immediately appreciated the quality and convenience of the new device. Apple products are distinguished by good sound, great functionality, and compatibility with other mobile gadgets.

AirPods compatibility with Android system (smartphones and tablets)

AirPods headphones and smartphone: how to install and use

Most buyers of wireless Apple headphones use them with their smartphones. Before connecting, the following points must be considered:

  • The device is designed to work with the smart Siri system, which is not available on Android.
  • The gadget must support Bluetooth 4.0 and higher technology.
  • The user will hear the sound when the headphones are connected to the phone only when the headset is connected to the gadget. But on iPhones, the sound can be heard every time the headphones are inserted into the ears.
  • A double tap (double tapping) on ​​the headphones stops music or video, allowing you to answer calls and hang up. But double tap only works on regular calls, and they can “lag” on Viber or Skype.
  • The battery level of the device or case on Android is not visible. To see this function, you need to install additional software.
  • On smartphones, music is not paused when the headphones are removed from the ears.
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It turns out that for smartphones AirPods is only a bluetooth headset with high-quality sound and long battery life.

Connecting a wireless device to a smartphone

AirPods headphones and smartphone: how to install and use

In order to start using AirPods, you need to do the following:

  • Place the headphones in the case, do not close the lid.
  • Open the “settings” section on the phone, find the Bluetooth function there.
  • Press the button on the case and hold it for 3-5 seconds until the white indicator between the headphones starts blinking white.
  • After that, AirPods will be reflected in the connection menu in the phone.
  • Select headphones and follow the system prompts.

To improve the functions of your headphones, you need to download several useful programs. So, Airbattery will improve the functionality of headphones and boxing, including reflecting the battery charge.

The Podroid program is needed for the second version of the headphones, and also allows you to use the functions of the device normally.

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The Assistant Trigger app reflects not only the charge of the headphones, but also allows you to call the Google assistant with a double tap.

No connection: what to do?

Sometimes it happens that the wireless gadget does not connect, then you need to check if the Bluetooth function is activated. Sometimes people forget about it, so it’s worth checking it again.

If there is no contact, then you need to restart the phone. When this step does not help either, you need to reset the headset settings on the box. The indicator should blink yellow several times and then turn white. The procedure takes 15 seconds.

The most recent and radical way is to reset the Android settings to factory settings. After that, all files in the phone memory will be erased and lost.

Already have AirPods? Have you had any problems with their setup and use?


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