SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA – Adobe has released new features for its popular Premiere Pro video editing software. Among the latest features is a unique text-based video editing tool, which uses Adobe Sensei technology to transcribe and analyze clips automatically.

This feature allows video editors to copy and paste sentences in any order and see them appear on the timeline. Users can also search the transcript window to find exact words and phrases, simplifying the video editing process.

The new tool is expected to save editors hours of manual transcription and captioning work, making it easier for them to focus on the creative aspects of their projects.

In addition to the text-based editing feature, Adobe has also introduced automatic tone mapping, which helps to ensure consistency in color grading across different shots in a video. This feature will help video editors save time by automatically matching the colors of different shots.

Furthermore, Adobe has provided performance and stability updates to After Effects, which include multi-frame rendering for shapes, new keyboard shortcuts for selectable track mattes, and faster layer selection in the timeline.

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These updates are expected to significantly enhance the efficiency and productivity of video editors using Adobe’s suite of software. With these new features, Adobe continues to provide the best tools for video creators and professionals.

The new features are available to Adobe Creative Cloud subscribers at no additional cost.


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