Adobe is working to resolve multiple issues impacting online users of its Creative Cloud suite, primarily in the Americas but also globally. Despite being known for its reliability with occasional interruptions, some users have reported problems accessing the online service.

According to Adobe’s system status website, at one point, there were 18 major issues affecting various services, including Adobe Fresco and Document Cloud integrations. Although the issues began in the last hour, Adobe is already working to resolve them.

The company claims to have resolved 10 major problems and 9 potential issues, leaving only four potential issues at the time of writing. However, it’s unclear whether all users have been affected, and Adobe has not made a public statement about the situation.

The Adobe Experience Cloud also experienced one major and one minor issue, both of which have been resolved. Two maintenance procedures remain for the service. Adobe Document Cloud has resolved four major and five potential issues, with three potential issues remaining unresolved. Adobe Services has one potential issue left unresolved, while three major and one potential issue have been resolved.

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