Apple has released a new version of its Safari 14 browser for macOS Catalina and High Sierra. Safari 14 improves tabbed browsing experience, adds a new privacy reporting feature, and offers new customization options for the start page.

One of the most significant changes in Safari 14 is the improved tabbing experience. The tabs themselves have been redesigned to take up more space. By default, they display site icons and show a preview of each tab when you hover over them.

There is also a new start page that the user can customize with their own backgrounds and links. The new privacy report displays any cross-site trackers that the browser is blocking. In addition, Adobe Flash support has been removed in this version of the browser.

Some of the new features in Safari 14 require macOS Big Sur to run later this year. They will not work on existing OS versions. We are talking about support for 4K HDR video and built-in browser translation functions.

Source: The verge

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