The overwhelming majority of laptop users, unfortunately, are familiar with the low sounding situation. A similar problem can make itself felt, both immediately after the purchase and unexpectedly surprise after a long time of use. The variety of options for the current situation is also impressive: the sound can decrease very slightly (but so that the user pays attention to it) and even stop switching on altogether.

The reasons for the low sound volume on a laptop are:

  1. Incorrect user settings for sound. On the other hand, the factory ones are optimal, which the user does not know how to adjust to his own needs.
  2. The main listening level is low. It should be understood that software glitches or elementary pirated copying of materials almost always leads either to a violation of the picture or an unpleasant sound. With this, perhaps, it remains only to come to terms.
  3. Damage to the laptop connector or the contacts on its motherboard. This development of events may occur due to the banal physical wear and tear of parts. Each device will sooner or require technical support to repair or replace parts. Only specialists from the service center will help in this matter.
  4. Device drivers conflict with sound card drivers or incorrect installation.
  5. Broken headphones or speakers.

Once the difficulties have become clear to the user, the available options for increasing the sound on the laptop should be considered.

First of all, do not forget about the help of standard tools. To do this, you need to click on the speaker icon in the lower right corner of the screen to display the parameters. The function “Open volume mixer” is indicated in the latter, and each slider is manually moved. Once the previous point has been completed, it would be wise to click on the “Playback Devices” option, in which properties are primarily of interest. They have “Levels,” where an important step is to move the sliders to the extreme right. To consolidate the effect in the “Improvements” function, put a tick next to the line with “Loudness” while unchecking the other lines.

Another equally significant detail is the drivers’ efficiency that support the computer software and need to be updated regularly. This operation can be done manually or by installing any free application to maintain the device. You can find out about the drivers’ status in the “Task Manager,” in the settings of which instructions for self-downloading are available. However, it is much easier to install Driver Checker or Booster, Driver Pack Solution.

How to increase the volume of your laptop's built-in speakers

In general availability, there are programs for artificially increasing the volume, like Sound Buster, and video players – VLC, GOM Player, which provide for difficulties with sound and offer an enhanced mode.

Have you encountered the problem of low sound from your laptop?

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