Whether in school or college, students’ lives are packed with tasks, chores, and challenges. From writing dozens of papers to making it to every class in time and preparing for difficult tests – everything you do in school or college is hard and requires exceptional attention to detail. So, it can be easy to get off the track.

Luckily, these days students are not left alone with their struggles. Thanks to many years of progress and technological advancements, modern students have access to a wide range of helpful tools that make their everyday lives simple. Read on to learn about the top nine tools that each of you must have to ensure success!

9 Must-Have Apps for Every Student


Being a student is hard in many ways. But, most often, different academic papers and homework are the hardest part of college life. Thanks to professional paper writing help by WritePaper, students of all ages can make their studies simple and stress-free. Therefore, this is the first and one of the most important must-have apps to have in your toolkit.

WritePaper gives you access to a huge pool of qualified and experienced writers with degrees in different areas. By hiring them, you can delegate challenging and boring assignments and get more time for other things. And the best part is that you will also get high grades for all your assignments without wasting your precious time.


Writing is present in every student’s life a lot. We are talking not only about academic writing itself but also about written communication with classmates, teachers, and other people too. Therefore, the next tool on this list is Grammarly – an app that will help you write better without a hassle.

Whether writing an essay for college, an email to a teacher, or a post for your personal blog, you, of course, want it to be free of mistakes, and Grammarly makes it real. This tool helps you proofread your texts right as you write them. It will spot mistakes in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and even style to help you write clearly and compellingly.

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A solid plagiarism checker also must be present in every successful student’s toolkit. We recommend choosing Turnitin. Among all plagiarism checkers out there, Turnitin is one of the oldest and most reliable ones. It was tested over time and is widely used by teachers and professors in the US and beyond.

With this app, you can quickly scan your homework assignments for plagiarism and ensure that they are 100% unique before you hand them to your teacher. This will significantly simplify your life and help you get higher grades easily. So, give it a shot.


We bet that everyone who was a student (even in school) knows what it feels like to suddenly realize that you’ve lost some important notes from your classes or lectures. Taking notes in an old-fashioned way doesn’t work anymore. Today, students need Evernote to ensure success.

Evernote is an app that has taken notes to a completely new level. It allows you to create text notes right on your laptop, tablet, or even smartphone. It also enables you to attach different files, organize your notes by subjects, and, most importantly, store them securely on the cloud and synchronize across all devices. With Evernote, you will never lose important notes again.

Oxford Dictionary

Long gone are the times when students had to flip through dozens of pages in books or vocabularies to find the definition of unknown words. Today, anyone can look up a word or phrase they don’t understand on Google. But, there is also Oxford Dictionary – a must-have app that makes it even simpler.

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This tool brings the famous Oxford Dictionary right into your pocket. It lets you look up definitions, meanings, and synonyms of pretty much any word. There are many situations when it can come in handy. For example, when studying a new topic, conducting research, or dealing with your homework assignments. One way or another, every student needs it.

9 Must-Have Apps for Every Student


We bet that each of you will agree that citing sources for academic papers is hard. Every citation must follow a proper format, which can vary depending on the specific formatting style you are required to use. Sounds pretty confusing, right?

RefMe solves this problem. This app was designed to make citations simple. With its help, students can scan any book’s barcode and receive a properly formatted citation in APA, MLA, or any other style. This tool can save you plenty of time and nerves the next time you will be writing an essay or another paper. So, be sure to get it right now. After all, it is free of charge and available for different gadgets.


Tired of traditional cramming before exams? We feel your pain. Cramming for exams is probably the worst thing that happens to all students and, let’s face it – it’s not even very effective. But, there is an alternative. StudyBlue is another must-have tool for every student. It makes test prep a piece of cake and helps young people master even the hardest subjects faster and easier.

How does it work? StudyBlue has a collection of ready-made flashcards and quizzes on various topics. It has been proven that using flashcards and quizzes for test prep boosts information retention, so, with this app, you can nail your exams with ease. Moreover, this tool allows you to upload your own study materials and create unique sets of flashcards and quizzes for even better outcomes!

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Today, students have so much on their plates that keeping up with everything becomes incredibly challenging. MyHomework is a smart solution to this issue. This app is a handy digital planner designed specifically for students. It enables you to note down and organize your classes, lectures, assignments, projects, exams, due dates, and all other important things in one place.

With the help of MyHomework, you can finally become more organized and productive in your day-to-day life. Keep track of all chores and tasks and make sure that you never forget about something important or miss an important date.


Finally, the last must-have app on our list is all about getting your own thoughts organized. Whether you are writing a paper, working on a new project, or trying to study a new topic, getting your thoughts and ideas organized can be hard. But, mind maps are proven to help with this, and SimpleMind will let you use this to your benefit.

With the help of SimpleMind, you can make clear visual maps representing your thoughts, ideas, or information that you have to learn. These maps will help you generate ideas, create associations, and retain information better. If you have never tried this trick before, just try SimpleMind, and you will never go back!

The Bottom Line

If you are in school or college, we bet that you often feel like a little help won’t hurt. And the good news is that there are plenty of tools and apps that can provide you with it these days.

Now, you have the ultimate list of a student’s must-have apps. Get the tools we shared with you here, and you will immediately feel how your life becomes less stressful and challenging!


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