Dyslexia, a learning disability that can hinder a child’s ability to read and learn, can last a lifetime. However, there are dyslexia treatment apps available on both Android and iOS platforms that can help children read and write more effectively. It’s important to note that dyslexia is unrelated to intelligence or mental abilities; even bright children may struggle with it.

While results may vary, these apps are a positive step toward addressing dyslexia. Look at the list below and try various apps to determine which ones work best for your child’s needs. We hope this resource will be helpful to you.

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8 Best Dyslexia Apps For Android And iOS

Best Apps for Dyslexia Problems

1. Teen & Adult Phonics Library

TAP, Teen & Adult Phonics Library, is a popular app for children with dyslexia. It offers an online library of books specifically written for children with learning disabilities and has recently released its official iTunes app due to popular demand.

As one of the best dyslexia remediation apps available for Android and iOS smartphones, TAP provides various reading styles for children as they progress along the path of dyslexia. It acts as a decoding tool to help children gradually understand cumulative phonetics (CVC, CCVC, CCVCC, CV).

To make reading clearer and more accessible, TAP color codes paragraphs and margins. Additionally, the app allows you to turn off pictures and sounds if they interfere with your child’s interest and attention.

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TAP is free and without ads, but an in-app purchase of $2.99 unlocks access to all books in the library. Try it out and see if it helps your child with dyslexia.

Download Teen & Adult Phonics Library for iOS

2. ABC Reading Magic Series

ABC Reading Magic offers a series of five apps designed to help children with learning disabilities like ADHD and dyslexia. The apps use innovative art techniques to help children with dyslexia comprehend letters and sounds.

In addition to written content, ABC Reading Magic provides games that teach the basic principles of blending and segmenting. Educational institutions across the globe recommend the app for children struggling with learning disabilities.

ABC Reading Magic’s app is ad-free, and some content is free. Unlocking the entire library costs a one-time fee of $1.99.

Download READING MAGIC-Learning to Read Through Advanced Phonics Games

3. ClaroSpeak Plus

ClaroSpeak is an app that provides a solution to one of the common issues faced by children with dyslexia, which is difficulty in reading and comprehending text. This app uses text-to-speech to read text aloud, allowing users to import documents from various sources, including cloud storage and messages. You can also copy and paste text from other apps to listen to it. Additionally, many students use ClaroSpeak to check spelling before writing. This app offers various features such as changing font and layout, sharing web pages, reading text from browsers, and integrating with cloud storage.

The ClaroSpeak team has created several other applications specifically designed for students with dyslexia, which can be found in their portfolios. The app is free, but users can download additional sounds and dialects for $9.99.

Download ClaroSpeak Plus

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4. Google Play Books

Google Play Books offers one of the largest libraries of e-books and audiobooks covering a wide range of topics, and new additions are made daily. It’s worth mentioning because it has a built-in feature that allows users to listen to books using the text-to-speech function. In addition to TalkBack, an accessibility feature available on all Android smartphones, the app also includes highlighting and syncing tools that allow users to listen and learn new words, write, and take notes. While the app is free to download and use, the authors sell e-books at fixed prices.

Download Google Play Books: Android

5. Learning Ally Audiobooks

Learning Ally provides an app that is specifically designed for children with learning disabilities and is available on both Android and iOS platforms. Their team of experienced storytellers reads books to your children, making it an excellent resource for audiobooks tailored for kids.

While there are other sources for buying audiobooks, Learning Ally’s instructional books are more suitable for children with dyslexia or any other medical condition affecting their reading and writing ability.

Download Learning Ally: Android iOS

6. Ginger Writer

Ginger Writer is a keyboard app that not only corrects your spelling but also helps you improve your grammar, making it an excellent tool for students with dyslexia. Available for Android and iOS, Ginger offers suggestions as you type, highlighting any errors in your writing.

One of the standout features of Ginger is its support for both American and British dialects and its built-in translator with support for up to 50 languages. The app provides suggestions for the best way to write without getting in the way of your typing.

The app is available for $4.99 and is ad-free, making it an excellent investment for anyone looking to improve their writing skills.

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Download Ginger: Android iOS

7. Phonics Genius

The Phonics Genius app is a valuable tool for children to learn over 6000 words based on sound patterns. The app is updated regularly, ensuring that more words are continually added. The developers have done an excellent job of grouping these words based on their phonemes, making them accessible and quick to learn.

With Phonics Genius, you can group similar words into lists for easy reference when you need to refresh your memory or clarify any doubts. Each word comes with a flashcard you can repeat at your own pace. The app is free of ads and only costs $1.49.

Download Phonics Genius: iOS

8. OCR Instantly Pro

OCR Instant Pro is a technology that converts images to text using OCR technology. This app is handy for students with dyslexia who have to deal with many copies and documents. With OCR Instant Pro, you can scan the text to copy it, and the app will use TTS or text-to-speech to read it aloud to you.

One advantage of this app is that it works offline, so you don’t need an active internet connection. However, it cannot currently scan and capture handwritten text. The app is free to use, but the professional version offers additional features such as converting images to PDF, saving them to an SD card, and supporting multiple languages.

Download OCR Instantly Pro: Android

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Numerous apps in the market cater to children with dyslexia, focusing on various aspects such as phonetics, writing assistance, vocabulary building, spelling and pronunciation, keyboard features, and audiobooks. Although we have tried to include most of them here, we welcome any suggestions or recommendations for other helpful apps in the comments section below.


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