Java is among the 10 most popular programming languages in the world. She has held these positions for 10 years. If you are going to progress in the field of programming, want to move to a higher level company and earn more money, then the decision to learn Java programming language is one of the best decisions you can make. Of course, there are other programming languages that are in high demand, but Java has several advantages, which we will talk about today. It is important for you to understand that the main thing is to choose at least one popular programming language and already add some new interesting languages, which appear as additional ones, for working with APIs, with applications, and the like. Today, we will focus on why you should decide Java as the main programming language in your tech stack.

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It is So Popular, You Just Can’t Miss

So much is done in Java, and so many web and mobile apps use it, that if you only learn the language, you can find a project of any level to start or continue your work. In the sense that there are also very cheap standard projects that are ready to take a beginner for little money, but this will be both experience and a portfolio for you, and a project on GitHub, which you can then show when you look for a more fascinating job. These are large projects that require a lot of Java developers to support existing tech stacks. And here you can gain experience in supporting existing programs. These are new projects in which you can also be the main Java developer if you have some experience, and you will not need to have a lot of additional knowledge or a wide versatile tech stack in order to develop in the profession. In addition, if you learn Java, then this will be a great start to your career and the opportunity to get a job in almost any company on various projects.

Despite the Popularity, it Pays Well

It seems that if it is such a popular language, and people choose it so often for learning, then there must be too many specialists in this field, and their average salaries can be quite low. But in fact, the market is so large that the need for specialists of different levels in Python and PHP is constant. Therefore, you can not worry that even your first job will be paid very little.

Java is Highly Scalable

There is no upper or lower bound on how big a project that uses Java is. It could be a mobile calculator or a government service Website in a large country. Therefore, Java is considered one of the most scalable programming languages, which gives you almost unlimited opportunities for growth in the profession, both career and financial.

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Java is Open Source

Since Java is more of an open source programming language, programming in it is very convenient, fast, and cheap. You have access to many free libraries provided by Google or other services. You can exchange whole blocks of information with other programmers, edit what others have done, and learn for free. This will help you build your career faster and at a significantly lower cost. Compared to Python, Java is one of the cheapest programming languages you can learn, precisely because there is a large amount of openly accessible information about them.

It Can be Your Extra Skill

Since Java is an open source programming language and has so many free and easily accessible resources and is very easy to learn, it will be easy for you to add Java programming as an additional skill to what you already do. That is, you already have a certain tech stack in your experience, in your portfolio, and you want to make your resume brighter and take on more expensive projects. Then learn Java and you will succeed.

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Java Won’t be Replaced any Time Soon

There are programming languages that came to us for a very short time. For example, there was a lot of talk about R and Ruby, and now they are trying to use them in programming for artificial intelligence, but they have moved into a very narrow niche, and in fact they will be replaced by some simpler and open source languages very soon. JavaScript is so popular and so much is written in it that even if you start learning it now and spend a few years on it, you will still be a very sought-after specialist.

It has a Great Community

There are two of the most interesting programming communities that are based on helping and spreading knowledge and on the fact that they constantly share their acquired experience—these are Java and Python. Therefore, if you choose to learn a language like Java, you immediately guarantee yourself a good community, of course, if you want to join it. This is very convenient when you are in a friendly environment of programmers, and you can ask any question and get a qualified answer and even several options, and you don’t have to reinvent the wheel yourself. Over time, you yourself will want to share your findings in the process of learning or already programming with Java.

We hope that these tips will help you decide the programming language that best suits your needs. We think that Java is a really great choice to make a career in programming, or start earning more money in this area.


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