A telephone is a thing without which a modern man cannot imagine his existence in this world. But the model of the model is different. one user cannot be proud, but the second simply does not get tired of cursing. The latter includes the iPhone. Experts confirm that these phones have a number of shortcomings. And here are a few reasons why a brand should go for recycling.

Weak battery power, inability to use USB-media, like the second SIM-card. Limited music downloads and expensive accessories. The phone is needed so that you can make calls with it anytime, anywhere. But the owners of the iPhone are often deprived of this, since the battery holds very little charge. You have to carry a charger with you all the time and worry about where to find electricity. For some reason, the developers did not foresee that the battery should be thicker. So you have to recharge your phone daily, which is an additional concern. One advice, if you want to be constantly in touch, then the iPhone will have to be sent to the trash can and go to the store for a more worthy purchase.

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The next drawback is that the iPhone does not work as a removable medium. the developers explain this by the fact that there is mail for transferring files, and the phone must be used for its intended purpose.

The world is open to travel, and while some developers believe that people need to provide maximum comfort, including communication, the iPhone developers did not provide for the possibility for a second card. Why, after all, in their opinion, any person, if necessary, can simply buy himself another phone.

7 reasons to get rid of your iPhone once and for all

iPhone does not allow to transfer music normally. Instead of just tossing one folder, you have to establish a whole system of coordinated actions.

Accessories are unreasonably expensive. For example, a charger will cost about 3 thousand, and a cable – about two thousand rubles.

From time to time, operators can do completely insane things, for example, connect services or increase tariffs. The point is one, if you are not satisfied with the phone – buy a new one, if you are not happy with the operator, then look for another.

And what disadvantages of the iPhone seem to be the most significant, or do you think that this model can be used?

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