Desktop gaming is one of the most enjoyable, exciting and sometimes even relaxing activities you can do at home. Whether you have a short time to play, or you’re looking to fill a rainy afternoon or a quiet evening, desktop gaming offers endless options. Skill level shouldn’t hold you back either, as there are plenty of beginner-friendly games that are perfect for those who want a laidback approach.

So, what if you want to get more serious about gaming on your PC, step up the technology of the games you’re playing and ensure you have a smooth experience every time? If that’s the case it may be time for a new PC. Before you make a purchase, however, here are seven essential features you’ll most likely want in your computer.

What Kind of Gaming Will You Be Doing?

To narrow down your options and create a list of must-have features, you need to work backwards. It’s important to first identify what kind of gaming you plan on doing with the desktop, and then figure out what features would be needed to accommodate those games. Some games will require a much more powerful desktop with lots of memory, whereas other games may be browser-based and therefore don’t require as much from your desktop.

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Pre-Built or Custom Made?

The next thing to consider is whether you want a pre-built computer or a custom made one that you will be building yourself. This will likely come down to budget, your knowledge of computers and how much time you want to put into the process. Purchasing a pre-built model is going to be much faster and easier, but you may not be able to find every single item you want.

A good compromise can be to pick a model that you can upgrade later on as the need arises. This still gives you the option to customise the computer, yet it will work fine out of the box.

It’s All About the Processor

Several features make an impact on the computer, but the one you need to pay the closest attention to is the processor. If you plan on splurging on any aspects of the computer, make it the processor.The processor has what’s called the core count, which is 4-16 core. You don’t want to pick the lowest number as it’s going to negatively affect your gaming. This is especially the case for more modern games with advanced software. At the same time as a casual gamer, there’s no need for a 16 core processor. Experts tend to suggest that most people start with six-core. For those who plan streaming while gaming, that’s when you need at least 12 cores.

How About the Memory Required?

There is the memory required and then the memory that your computer ideally has. You don’t want to find yourself filling up the space fast, resulting in the entire computer slowing down. For anyone wishing to engage in online computer gaming, the very lowest amount you can get is 8GB. Anything lower and it’s not going to work properly.Instead, opt for at least 16GB and if your budget allows the 32GB models are a smarter investment. You want the computer to have some lasting power, so the more memory and storage, the better.

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The Size of the Screen Should Factor In

Here’s something not everyone thinks about but the moment you sit down to start playing, it will become evident. Today you have a wide variety of monitor sizes to choose from so there is no need to pick something small. Just think about how the graphics and animations will appear, and that it may be more difficult to use the controls and see what you’re doing on a smaller screen.

If we were to survey a group of gamers, there’s a good chance that they would agree that 27″ is the ideal monitor size. You certainly don’t want to go any smaller than 24 inches, and on the other spectrum, you can go as big as 32 inches.

Besides the size of the monitor, pay close attention to the resolution. You want to be sure it’s sharp no matter the size.

Press for Excellent Quality Graphics

Speaking of how the games appear, this brings us to the GPU, which is the graphics processing unit. Again, the one you want and need should be based on the type of games you plan on playing. Typically, you want to purchase the highest number you can afford as this will give you the sleekest look.

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Don’t Forget the Accessories

There is plenty of focus on the desktop computer and how to best spend your budget, but be sure to also factor in the gaming accessories. Not only do these elevate gameplay and make it more comfortable, but accessories may also be necessary for some games. There is no need to purchase the top of the line models, but don’t be afraid to invest in good-quality accessories so that they stand the test of time.

Some of the must-have accessories include:

  • Gaming mouse
  • Backlit keyboard
  • External microphone
  • Wireless headset with microphone
  • Controller
  • Mouse pad
  • Ergonomic keyboard
  • Gaming chair

While you may not need all of these accessories, you’re sure to want at least one or two.

Keeping these tips and information in mind as you search for a new gaming PC will ensure you are happy with your purchase. It’s all about picking a computer that can handle your specific needs.


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