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6 Research Touch Points Before Starting Your App Development

6 Research Touch Points Before Starting Your App Development

The ever-evolving mobile app development market is huge and develops at warp speed. According to forecasts, the market size will reach $407.31bn by 2026. The warp speed development of technology both improving what is available right now and new tech further down the line, ensures that the market will grow.

As such, you may feel you have a mobile app idea either to improve your business or indeed to start one. With this in mind, what should you research before you start developing your app? Let’s find out.

Review Mobile App Development Trends

It is good practice to review mobile app development trends. This will provide insights into what technology is available right now, and what is coming just around the corner. For example, have you considered:

Once you have a good understanding of mobile development trends, it is time to move on to the development of your app.

Mobile Development Trends Touch Points

There are several design decisions to make your app profitable. Most mobile apps are failures and even big tech giants such as Google see their projects turn to dust. As such, it is mission critical that you spend the time to research mobile development trends and collate data before you begin a line of code.

With this in mind, let’s look at the important aspects of research prior to development.


Is there a market for your app? You may be developing an app to complement an established business, and so this would be an enhancement. Alternatively, your app may be a new venture and this is where you need to conduct market research to ensure that there is a space for it.

It may be worth investing in a market research company to do this research for you. It is very easy to miss things and a small outlay now could save tens of thousands in app development costs should the market be smaller than you imagined. As such, never underestimate the importance of reviewing mobile development trends.

Bear in mind that all data is invaluable. So should you determine that the market doesn’t exist for your app, you may find upon analysis that another market does exist and warrants developing a mobile app to fulfil it.

If this is the case, you may want to revisit the mobile development trends to ensure that your analysis is on point.

What is Your App Going to do?

Once you’ve decided it is time to proceed with app development it is time to decide how the app is going to enhance or kickstart the business. Think about:

Although laborious and taxing, answering the hard questions will benefit your app considerably and cut down on development time.


Security is a highly important touch point. Hackers are upping their game and are deploying a range of ways to hack into apps. Phishing is a particular problem at the moment as people only have to let down their guard once to give away security information.

Security features should be the best you can afford. Your app will be collecting real user data every time it is used. This is invaluable and you need to decide how you are going to collect it, store it, utilise it, and so on and so forth.

Given the hefty fines for data breaches and the damage to trust, security is a mission critical aspect of any app development. If you’re in the UK, your security should ensure your app is GDPR compliant.

Finally, security like other areas of developments is improving all the time to counter security threats. It has its own mobile development trends, and these should be reviewed thoroughly to ensure you app meets requirements.

Research Mobile App Development Companies

If you are outsourcing your app development, conduct proper research on any company that you find. It is good practice to look at reviews and check social media too. Use a reputable, experienced company that understands the nature of your project.

Once you’ve found a company, agree on a price, milestones, and development schedule.

With the right research into mobile development trends and markets, you will produce an app that is fit for purpose that adds value to your business. As such, take the time to get this right. It’s worth it.

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