I am constantly looking for interesting and useful things that can come in handy in the iPhone’s everyday use. Apple itself does not spoil us with various devices, and if you buy only gadgets from the same Belkin, the wallet will quickly empty.

The quality of the same original Apple cables is often left much to be desired: I have two Lightning wires from the kit with the iPhone and iPad. As a result, one fell into disrepair after six months, and the second is still as good as new. As a result, last year, I freaked out and ordered 3 such Ugreen cables. There is still no hint of wear. But iPhone accessories are not limited to chargers alone. So, here are some of the best iPhone accessories you can use in 2021.

iPhone Accessories

Fresh selection of inexpensive iPhone accessories and more

I had a couple of free days here, and I decided to see what manufacturers of third-party accessories for iPhone and iPad are offering now. Often such devices cost two, three, or even five times cheaper than the original ones from Apple.

MagSafe for iPhone

I am mentally not ready to give almost $49 for essentially just a charging cable for an iPhone with a magnet. Moreover, the original MagSafe did not impress me much. But at the same time, this is such a compromise between wired and wireless charging so as not to lose power and charging speed with the ability to pick up the phone when needed quickly. As a result, I found some great Wireless Charging options for iPhone. You can read the following article-

How to Choose a Wireless Charger for iPhone? Tips and a selection of worthy options in 2021

iPhone Accessories

Yes, this is not MFi charging (it would have cost as much as Belkin otherwise). Still, there is an intelligent battery monitoring system that prevents any potential damage to the battery. The sensor monitors the iPhone’s temperature, and if it starts to get very hot (as I did with the original Magsafe), it reduces the charging power or stops it altogether.

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The only thing, like Apple’s MagSafe, this charger also comes without a power adapter, but it can be ordered separately (20W) for just $15. The same set of original iPhone accessories will cost almost $70; draw your own conclusions.

Can I buy a Chinese wireless charger for iPhone?

Powerful iPhone charger

Until last year, I was not bothered at all about how to charge an iPhone. There are many chargers scattered around the house and office, including 5 W and wireless ones. But then I noticed that the iPhone’s charging speed with the 18W adapter, which I still had from the iPhone 11 Pro Max, is several times higher than with regular wireless charging, not to mention the old power adapters that came with the iPhone. The problem is that Apple no longer puts charging adapters in the box (thanks even to the USB-C cable – Lightning has been left for now), and I have only one adapter with this power.

Without thinking twice found a 20W charging adapter from Ugreen (Apple updated the charging in 2020, increasing the maximum power from 18 W) for less than $7.99. In 2021, it seems to me. This is one of the main iPhone accessories that the iPhone owner with support for fast charging should have. I also wrote a separate post where I mentioned some of the best and powerful iPhone Chargers. You can read it with the link below.

Choosing a fast charger for your iPhone 12: Tips and Best Selection

Why Ugreen? I have been using cables and chargers of this brand for a long time, and it is one of the few that Apple certifies for MFi accessories. And this is about something, yes, it says.

Inexpensive Silicone iPhone Case

iPhone Accessories

I have never seen the point in buying a cover for more than a couple $20, but out of curiosity, I somehow took the original one for myself – here, you can read what came of it. But he also treated cases for $5-$10 as something strange and necessarily of dubious quality. On the other hand, why not if it’s a silicone case?

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Purely for the sake of interest, I ordered myself one for the iPhone 12 (fortunately, the price does not change). As soon as I arrive, I will tell you about my impressions. It’s cool that the case has opaque-colored inserts on the top and bottom ends. As a result, an excellent combination of the original color and such inserts can come out.

Here are some of my best selected case for iPhone.

Review of Moshi Altra and iGlaze iPhone 12 cases
SwitchEasy Case Review: Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max
Case-Mate iPhone 12 Pro Max and AirPods Pro Case review

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Universal charger

Who has a situation when you come to another country where the outlet format is different and start looking for some adapter to charge your iPhone? This is usually given at the reception, but I had to buy it a couple of times – for example, in the UK and the USA. Now, of course, you can’t really travel around the world, but all the same, the borders are gradually weakening.

I found a solution with Ali Baba’s Chest channel in Telegram, where they post various top managers from Aliexpress. There recently posted charger that is suitable for any country outlet due to special retractable legs. At the same time, it is very compact. Usually, such chargers are very bulky. There are USB and USB-C output. That is, it is not necessary to use the device only when traveling. You can adapt it as a regular charger. And if you decide to go somewhere, do not forget it with you.

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iPhone Accessories

It can be used as a regular charger!

And when you go somewhere, you can always charge from any outlet

Plus, this is Baseus, a recognizable and high-quality brand, so the price of $59.99 is more than justified.

Charger for iPhone for any outlet

Search Keychain (almost AirTag!)

I do not know when Apple will already release its AirTag search beacon there or whether it will release it at all. The Chinese did not think long and have already released its analog AirTag – tiny beacons for keys, wallet, bag, and more. You put one in your backpack or cling to the keys – and you will always know where the thing is.

iPhone Accessories

This thing is handy.

iPhone Accessories

The keychain is so small that even AirPods can be attached

Using the application, you can track the beacon’s location on the map and set up notifications so that you receive an alert every time an item starts to be deleted. The subway, for example, can be handy. All that is required of you is sometimes to change the batteries in the beacons. Although they are of high quality, they are not eternal. I had similar ones (Chipolo) but quickly broke down. I decided to try Baseus beacons. $20 for such a piece is quite an adequate price.

Search keychain for keys, wallet, and other things

As always, I look forward to hearing from you in the comments about various cool iPhone Accessories that you use or want to share with others. For more such cool gadgets, do checkout digitogy.


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