In the long-standing rivalry between Mac and Windows, the debate over which is better seems never-ending. Similarly, the ongoing iOS vs. Android battle adds another layer to the discussion. The truth is both macOS and Windows have their strengths and weaknesses, while the often underestimated Chromebook brings its advantages. Choosing the most suitable system depends on individual preferences, budget, and professional needs.

As someone who finds Macs better suited to my tasks, I’d like to highlight five subjective factors where Mac outperforms Windows, especially with the highly anticipated WWDC 2023 on the horizon.

Superior Build Quality and Design

5 Reasons Why Mac Outshines Windows

Regarding build quality, MacBooks and Macs generally surpass many Windows-based laptops and computers. While exceptional Windows devices exist, they are often exceptions rather than the norm. Windows manufacturers sometimes compromise build quality with a wide range of premium and budget products.

In contrast, MacBooks and Macs consistently exhibit robust constructions akin to military-grade technology that remains durable over time. Even when comparing the reliability of Macs to the occasional crashes experienced on Windows devices, Macs come out on top—unless, of course, you spill coffee on them or subject them to crash tests.

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Stable Operating System and Timely Updates

5 Reasons Why Mac Outshines Windows

While the notion that Macs are impervious to viruses has been debunked, Apple’s commitment to using its systems deserves recognition. Apple’s complete control over hardware and software and macOS being a Unix-based operating system provide Macs with better security and stability than Windows.

In my experience with the MacBook Air M1, MacBook Pro M2, and Mac mini, the most significant issue I encountered was occasional software crashes caused by delayed macOS updates. However, these problems usually arise from my reluctance to promptly upgrade to a new OS. Macs operate smoothly without unexpected shutdowns, reboots, or lags.

In contrast, my Windows gaming laptop presents a starkly different picture. Frequent random issues, malfunctioning programs that require reinstallation, and constant minor updates that go unnoticed create a frustrating user experience.

Modern, Intuitive, and Vibrant Interface

5 Reasons Why Mac Outshines Windows

macOS boasts a sleek and user-friendly interface. I appreciate the simplicity and elegance of Finder on macOS. Even Windows recognized its merits, attempting to emulate its minimalist design in the improved File Explorer. However, Finder’s seamless visual appeal and functionality remain unmatched. Enabling tags in the Finder sidebar streamlines file search, while the gallery view provides a convenient way to browse images quickly.

The macOS interface is efficient. A notable feature is the ability to effortlessly drag and drop files onto program icons, indicating the intention to open them with a specific application. This proves especially handy when editing images in applications like Lightroom or Photoshop.

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Here are some detailed features of macOS Ventura.

Additionally, macOS’ Spotlight search surpasses Windows’ search bar. It operates offline, allowing currency conversions and measurements without an internet connection.

Reliable Ecosystem for Seamless Integration

5 Reasons Why Mac Outshines Windows

When I first ventured into the iOS and macOS ecosystem, attempting to harmonize it with my Android and Windows devices felt cumbersome. Apple’s ecosystem seemed designed to lure users into their network, encouraging them to switch to their devices. However, once I embraced the ecosystem and purchased an iPhone to complement my Mac, the seamless integration and exceptional user experience were undeniable.

For instance, the universal clipboard feature simplifies copying and pasting text, files, images, and videos across devices—a game-changer for my work.

Moreover, receiving calls on my laptop and smartwatch, sharing files via AirDrop, accessing Notes across devices, or using my iPhone’s camera for video calls on Mac have all contributed to a unique and interconnected experience.

Pre-installed Exclusive Applications

5 Reasons Why Mac Outshines Windows

While Windows users often need to purchase Office, Macs have built-in apps for presentations, spreadsheets, general project management, video editing, and creating ringtones or music with iMovie and GarageBand. Additionally, the Preview app offered by Mac surpasses Windows alternatives and competitors in many aspects. It allows viewing and editing various file formats, including PDFs while enabling tagging and exporting files with ease.

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Here are some of the best app recommendations for MAC.

While gaming is not Mac’s forte due to the high cost of developing large-scale projects like Cyberpunk, the capabilities of M1 and M2 devices demonstrate their potential. Amateur tests utilizing workarounds have proven their compatibility.

Ultimately, your device choice should revolve around personal convenience, affordability, and specific needs. I’m not here to convince you to join Mac’s “light” side, but if you make the switch, let me know how it goes. These five factors, combined with the ability to work remotely for over 12 hours on a single charge, have won my heart and solidified my choice of Mac.


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