Lagging is a bother that most gamers have experienced when playing, whether on laptops or PCs. Naturally, gaming should be an exciting and captivating activity that gives you that rush of adrenaline you need. However, a freezing or slow laptop may rob you of the pleasures that gaming can provide.

Whether you are playing FanDuel Casino games or first-person shooter games, every second counts, and lags may give your opponents more advantages against you. Luckily, you no longer have to continue enduring an exasperating gaming experience, as you can conveniently resolve your laptop’s lagging issues.

Here are five practical tips to help you fix lags when gaming on your laptop:

Uninstall Unused Programs

Most new laptops come with preinstalled programs that may most likely be useless to you. These programs may be responsible for slowing down your laptop, especially if it has low memory, as they can run in the background without your knowledge.

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Even laptops with enough memory can lag if these apps continue running. To solve this, you must open your laptop’s task manager, identify the currently running apps and end the ones that are not beneficial for you there.

Ensure Your Internet Connectivity is Great

At times, your laptop might not be the problem when experiencing lags while gaming, as slow internet can also be just as painful. It can affect not only your game speed but also the quality of your graphics, making the entire experience unpleasant.

So you need to ensure that your internet connectivity and speed are just right so as to cross out that option should any issue arise while playing games. If the problem lies in your internet provider, you can quickly remedy the situation by switching to one fast enough to support your games.

Optimize Your Power Settings

Whether you are using your laptop or personal computer for gaming, it is always advisable to optimize your power settings to have the best battery performance while gaming. Although going for the best battery life when gaming can restrict your performance, it is always better to go for one with the best performance level.

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Keep Your Computer Free of Junk

After using gadgets for a while, you may notice signs of wear and tear. Your computer system may not perform as optimally as it did in its first week because of the junk applications and files you have stored on your device, causing lagging when it gets too much. To avoid this, you should constantly clean out temporary files on your laptops and delete apps you do not need.

Reduce CPU Temperature

Your processor’s temperature determines how well your gadget will function. Gaming requires a lot of workload from your gadget. Hence, it is expected that your CPU will get hot over time and ignoring it might lead to long-term damage. So, it is always important to monitor your gadget’s temperature.

Other than long-term gaming, blocked airflows (often caused by dust) can affect your system’s temperature. So, ensure you keep your laptop in cool places away from dust and use cooling pads to help with the temperature when gaming.

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With these tips, you may notice a significant reduction in the lags you experience when gaming on your laptop. Even if you are yet to experience lags, protecting your laptop’s system is always a good idea. Consider following these tips frequently so that these issues or anything related to them will not reoccur.


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