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5 Powerful Apple Music Converter All You Need [Free & Paid]

5 Powerful Apple Music Converter All You Need [Free & Paid]

Undoubtedly, you can listen to it whenever you feel bored or depressed via various online platforms. But is there any way to listen to it offline as well? 

Here comes the Apple Music Converter. To convert your DRM-free music files to mp3 format, you need a converter that can do the job smoothly. 

Therefore, in this article, you’ll learn how to download mp3 files from Apple Music. 

What do Apple Music Converters do?

With billions of users and millions of songs, Apple Music is a streaming music service that can be played on compatible devices. Some unauthorised Sony Walkman and iPod users cannot access this music source as these devices are not compatible with Apple Music. 

To solve this issue, Apple Music Converters can quickly convert apple music to mp3. As Apple Music does not allow you to play its music on non-Apple devices, you must use music converters. This way, you can listen to your favourite music anytime, anywhere. 

1- HitPaw Video Converter

Although there are multiple options to convert your music files, the best one is to use the HitPaw Video Converter. With the help of this apple music to mp3 converter, you can play your hitlist without any fear of compatibility. It has 1000+ formats to convert your audio/video files and is compatible with all IOS and windows.

Steps to Convert your Apple Music to MP3 through HitPaw Video Converter

Step#1 Install HitPaw Video Converter

On your windows, hit the download button and launch HitPaw Video Converter. Click on ‘’add files’’ and go to ‘’iTunes music’’. 

Step#2 Choose the iTunes Music Feature

After you have logged in to your iTunes library, choose the category from the interface. The status bar will show you if the file has been converted or not. 

Step#3 Select the Music File

Now, it’s time to select the file you want to convert. To convert Apple Music, choose your song and click on ‘’confirm’’ to proceed. 

Step#4 Convert to MP3

After your song has been analysed, it will be added from the parsed files to the conversion list. Choose your desired format and quality, and you are done. 

2- UkeySoft Apple Music Converter

Another converter on the list is UkeySoft Music Converter. Being available on both Windows and MAC, it can act as a Spotify or Apple Music to mp3 converter. With over 70 million downloads, UkeySoft can convert your music, podcasts, and audiobooks. 

Steps to Convert your Music Files to MP3 Via UkeySoft Music Converter

Step#1 Download and Launch the Converter

Before anything else, download the UkeySoft Apple Music Converter to your computer and complete the installation process. 

Step#2 Unlock the UkeySoft Music Converter

To convert Apple Music, you must register on the UkeySoft Music Converter. It offers a 30-day free trial, so you can log in to your account by purchasing the activation code. 

Step#3 Choose your Music File

After logging in, you can choose your song that needs conversion, select mp3 as output format and set your output folder. 

Step#4 Start the Conversion Process

Click on the ‘’convert’’ button, which will convert Apple Music to mp3 10 times faster than any other tool. 

3- NoteBurner iTunes Audio Converter

To convert Apple Music, a 100% lossless and faster music converter is NoteBurner iTunes Audio Converter. With more than seven different formats, it can easily convert your songs into mp3 so you can listen to them offline. 

Steps to Convert Music to mp3 via NoteBurner iTunes Video Converter

Step#1 Download and Register

As always, the first step involves downloading and installing the software. Register yourself on the NoteBurner iTunes Audio Converter first. 

Step#2 Import Music Files

After successful installation, you can drag and drop or import your favourite song or whole playlist on the main screen of NoteBurner. 

Step#3 Choose the Format and Start Editing

Select your preferred output format and edit the tags of the music as needed. Besides tags, you can also edit additional information by going to ‘’tools>>edit tags’’. 

Step#4 Convert Music Files to MP3

Do the final steps and convert your music files to mp3 by clicking on “Tools” >> “Format Converter”. You can also upload your converted Spotify music to one drive. 

4- Sidify Apple Music Converter

You can easily convert Apple Music to MP3 with the help of Sidify Apple Music Converter. It is a professional music converter that can process your music files into multiple formats with a high conversion speed. The best thing is that it can support 45 languages, ten monetary, and iTunes.

Steps to Convert Music to MP3 Via Sidify Apple Music Converter

Step#1 Register and Launch the Converter

Download the latest version of Sidify Apple Music Converter and register yourself with your email and password. Then, launch the converter to see its concise interface. 

Step#2 Add your Music Files

A pop-up screen will appear from which you can click on the ‘add button and select your music files that need conversion. 

Step#3 Set Output Settings

After selecting the song, you can choose the quality, format, and additional settings before the conversion process. 

Step#4 Start Conversion Process

Click on the ‘’convert’’ button, and your process will begin. After completion, you can see your converted files in the mp3 format in the library. 

5- Tunelf Audio Converter

Tunelf Audio Converter has solved the problem of how to convert Apple Music to MP3. With built-in DRM protection, you can convert your Apple Music, audiobooks, or audio to mp3 with lossless sound quality. It allows you to customise your parameters and run at a 30 times faster speed than others. 

Steps to Convert Music to MP3 Via Tunelf Audio Converter

Step#1 Download and Launch 

As mentioned above, download the Tunelf Audio Converter on your windows and launch the software to begin processing. 

Step#2 Choose your Output Settings

Select the format you want to convert your audio file or song. You can choose mp3, m4a, or m4b formats from the list. 

Step#3 Start the Conversion Process

After you’ve selected the mp3 format, click on the convert button, and all your files will be saved to a default folder so you can play them offline. 


Now, you have seen a list of multiple converters. Among all, the best Apple Music Converter is the HitPaw Video Converter. Why? Its usability and 90 times higher conversion speed than any other converter on the market. Hence, you can easily convert your audio files into any format. 

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