Are you looking for help catching some quality ZZZs? Look no further than the plethora of sleep apps available to assist you. With so many options, it can be challenging to determine which apps are genuinely effective. Luckily, we’ve surveyed real consumers to identify the top sleep apps on the market.

You’re not alone if you’re one of the many people struggling with sleep issues. According to a 2019 study from Iowa State University, difficulty sleeping is a common problem. Finding the right approach to help you unwind and relax can be daunting, as different methods work for different individuals. Some may prefer guided meditation with expert assistance, while others may find relief in individual audio exercises to ease anxiety. The apps on our list offer a range of features to help you calm down before you power off your device for the night.

5 Best Sleep Apps, According to Sleep Experts

Initially, insufficient sleep results in daytime fatigue, causing you to lack concentration. However, chronic sleep deprivation can pose more significant risks, such as an increased likelihood of obesity, heart disease, and mental health issues.

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Fortunately, numerous ways to enhance your sleep quality include utilizing sleep apps. These apps help improve the quality of your sleep and enable you to track your sleep patterns and make necessary adjustments to your sleep environment for a more restful night. This article will explore some of the top sleep apps available for download.

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1. Sleep Cycle

5 Best Sleep Apps, According to Sleep Experts

Before taking measures to improve the length of your sleep, it’s beneficial to gain insight into your current sleep habits. This information can help you determine the quality of your sleep and the severity of any existing sleep issues.

One effective way to accomplish this is through a sleep cycle app. These apps focus on tracking your sleep, providing valuable data on your sleep patterns and quality. While not 100% precise, a sleep-tracking system can still offer valuable insights.

In addition to tracking your sleep, the app may include technology designed to suggest ways to improve the quality of your sleep. The app can generate relevant recommendations tailored to your needs by analyzing your data.

Best of all, this sleep cycle app is free and compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

2. Headspace

5 Best Sleep Apps, According to Sleep Experts

Headspace is a sleep app you’re likely to encounter searching for sleep aids. This app has gained immense popularity, thanks partly to its compelling advertisements that make downloading tempting. And once you start using the app, you’ll find that the details showcased in the ads hold.

Headspace is designed to harness the power of meditation to improve your sleep. The app offers various tools to help you achieve better sleep.

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One such tool is an audio series that can be played while you sleep. These audio experiences last up to 55 minutes and aim to calm your mind and relax your body.

The free version of Headspace has many valuable features, but upgrading to the paid version offers access to additional specialized meditation courses and features.

The Headspace app is free and compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

3. Mooring

If you want to improve your sleep, consider Mooring and The Sleep Pillow Pier. This app works in tandem with a well-designed pillow, and while it’s still a relatively new project, it has the potential to improve your sleep experience significantly.

The pillow allows you to choose the ideal temperature for your individual sleep needs, and it can adapt to your sleeping position and style. It can even accommodate both partners in the same bed.

The pillow connects seamlessly to a mobile app that can be downloaded on iOS and Android. With the app, you can track your sleep habits and patterns and adjust the settings to optimize your sleep experience for a better night’s rest.

4. Reflectly

5 Best Sleep Apps, According to Sleep Experts

Although it’s not a conventional sleep app, Reflectly is a mobile app that can help some individuals achieve a better night’s sleep. Essentially, it’s a journaling app.

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Reflectly’s premise for improving sleep is to clear your mind of lingering thoughts. For some people, the stresses (Here are the Best Meditation And Relaxation Apps To Relieve Stress And Anxiety – TechRechard) and the day’s events may occupy their thoughts when it’s time to sleep. In this case, using an app like Reflectly to jot down these thoughts can help release them and promote a calmer mind for better sleep.

The Reflectly app is free and compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

5. Noisli 

5 Best Sleep Apps, According to Sleep Experts

For those seeking a straightforward and user-friendly sleep app, Noisli is a great option. Although it’s a paid app, the cost is only $2, and the platform can also be accessed for free through their official website.

Noisli offers various sounds that can be played during your bedtime routine. These sounds include white noise, thunder, wind, and more.

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The Noisli app is available on both Android and iOS devices.


Improving your sleep can positively impact your overall health and well-being. By making some lifestyle changes, you can improve the quality of your sleep and reduce the risk of sleep deprivation. Additionally, there are various sleep apps available that can help you achieve a good night’s rest. We’ve compiled a list of the best sleep apps you can download and use immediately.

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