Want to emphasize a certain part of your video or create a funny effect, but have no experience in video editing? There’s no need to worry – today’s market offers a wide range of beginner-friendly software anyone can master. 

To save your time, we decided to tell you about the four best video editing programs which you can use to slow down your footage – WeVideo, Clipify, AVS Video Editor, and Slow Motion Video FX. If you want to know how to slow down videos in more ways, then follow the link and read about alternative tools in the tutorial. So let’s see how to make a video slower and find out which video editor will work best for you. 

1. WeVideo

WeVideo is a video editing program that you can use on your Windows and Mac computer or even a chromebook. Alternatively, you can install the mobile app on your Android or iOS device to work on your art projects on the go. What features does it have? In WeVideo, you can add captions, edit the sound, merge multiple clips into one video, as well as divide the footage into several parts. It also lets you slow down a part of a video, and this is how to do it on a PC.

First, download WeVideo and launch the program. Now select Create New and click Import to add your files – drag and drop it to the middle part of the timeline. The next thing you need to do is select the segment of the footage you want to make slower. To do so, drag the Playhead to the starting point and hit the scissors icon, and then mark the ending point the same way. Now you can lift the selected part to the line above to change its speed. At this point, you need to open the clip editor by clicking the pencil button. Open the Slow/Fast Motion tab and move the Value slider to the left – you can see the original and set clip length below. Finally, click Save Changes and export the file by pressing the Finish button. 

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2. Clipify

Be sure to try Clipify if you’re looking for a user-friendly video editor that lets you upgrade your footage in a few clicks. The lightweight software is compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7. Clipify has an intuitive interface with such AI tools as video stabilization, cropping and trimming, joining videos, inserting soundtracks or a voice over, and even adding a logo. Besides, it lets you slow down videos in no time – just follow these simple steps. 

To begin with, download the free Clipify from the official website and install it on your computer. Launch the program and start a New Project. Now you can import your files by clicking Add Videos and Photos, or simply drag and drop them from another folder. Once the timeline is filled up with your clips, you can begin editing them. First, select a video, hit the Edit button, and open the Video Speed tab. Then choose one of the options from the dropdown menu or drag the slider to the left. It’s time to share the new video with your friends. To do that, click Create Video and select the file format you like: AVI, DVD, HD, MP4, MOV, and even video for Youtube and Vimeo. Finally, set the frame size, quality, and the file size. Click Create Video, and here’s your new clip with a slow-motion effect. 

3. AVS Video Editor

AVS Video Editor, a powerful computer program for montage, also offers a slow-motion feature. There are a handful of pro-level editing tools like trimming, merging, cutting, rotating, and mixing. You can also add titles and subtitles, apply over 300 effects and transitions, and a video recorder. Besides, AVS Video Editor supports 150+ formats. If this sounds like a suitable program for you, then keep reading to see how to slow down a video with AVS Video Editor.

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For starters, install the software on your computer and start the program. Click Import Media Files to upload the necessary files. Once your clips are added to the timeline, hit the Speed button and either move the slider or pick one of the options from the menu. Finally, save your video – just click Produce and select a file format, e.g. MP4, MOV, MPEG, TS, GIF, and so on. Alternatively, you can choose a format depending on the device or website where you’d like to post the new video. 

4. Slow Motion Video FX

You can also change the speed of your video clips in Slow Motion Video FX, a mobile application for Android-based devices. It lets you trim your footage, add captions and stickers, use a soundtrack, apply filters, and more. Here’s what you need to do to adjust the speed of your video. 

First, search for Slow Motion Video FX in Google Play, download the app on your phone and start the program. Then upload a video from your gallery and add a few points to the timeline. Now drag the point down, so that the selected parts become slower. When you’re done with editing your footage, tap Save to export the new file on your device. 

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So these were the best four ways to slow down a video. If you want to apply slow-motion to your footage on the go, be sure to try Slow Motion Video FX for Android devices, or WeVideo for iOS and Android. They are free to download, but there are in-app purchases. WeVideo also has the desktop version for Windows and Mac. It offers a big number of editing tools, however, it might be hard to figure out for a beginner. In case you want to try pro-level features, consider using AVS Video Editor for changing the speed of the footage. However, with high quality comes a high price – the yearly subscription costs up to $149. 

Want to handle professional montage for free? Then make sure to try Clipify, a free video editor with an extremely easy-to-use slow-motion tool and useful features anyone can master. It’s time to decide on the program and finally slow down your clips – go and edit your video today!


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