In the 90s, Apple stood on the edge of the abyss, decided not to give up. Under the slogan Think Different (thinking differently) got busy fixing myriad mistakes and nonsense in her products. This was enough to save Apple from imminent and inevitable death. Something similar is happening now, albeit on a much smaller scale. This time, nothing threatens Apple, but there are still plenty of bugs in its operating systems and devices. The seventh beta versions of iOS/iPadOS 14.5 and tvOS 14.5 are out on April 7, and something is reassuring about their depth beyond the reach of the uninitiated.

As with leaks, finding unknown device descriptions in the system does not guarantee anything. Also, the identified devices exist, and Apple is testing them. Not all of them are destined to hit store shelves. If we get lucky and everything found in iOS 14.5 beta 7, it would be beneficial. Apple’s three long-standing wounds, which Apple engineers didn’t have to heal for years, would be a thing of the past.

New Apple TV Remote

3 Mistakes Apple May Solve This Year TechRechard

The Apple TV remote is clearly outdated.

Whether another Apple TV model will ever come out or not is unknown. In the spring of 2020, when COVID was still an epidemic in mainland China, the next Apple TV model successfully passed all tests and trials and received the status Ready to ship. Those responsible for the quality and compliance with the technical requirements of Apple devices have recognized this model as suitable. The ghosts of this model were seen in beta versions of tvOS 13, it was mentioned in correspondence between Apple suppliers, but nothing happened.

And in the early beta versions of tvOS 14 last summer, a new Apple TV remote was also spotted, which also never came out. In the sixth beta version of tvOS 14.5, he appeared again, and we managed to find out some details about him. This device, according to insiders, is also ready for release. And it won’t work either? At the end of 2019, the Swiss company Salt Mobile SA already released an exemplary Apple TV remote control, which Apple only allowed to sell in Switzerland. Didn’t he become the main one for the new console?

3 Mistakes Apple May Solve This Year TechRechard

Apple TV Remote Concept 6

One of the three issues mentioned above is the Apple TV Remote. The device is elegant, very advanced and modern. And unfortunate. For five and a half years, despite everything, it has been stubbornly included in the delivery of Apple TV set-top boxes, the sales of which are already terrible.

It will be replaced by the new Apple TV Remote, with buttons and without a pad with a touch interface. The new remote should be compatible with Apple TV HD and Apple TV 4K, Apple TVs of the fourth and fifth generations. There is no new information about the ready-to-sell Apple TV 6. Whether the new Siri Remote will replace existing Apple TVs or will need to be purchased separately is unknown. The new remote probably won’t support Siri. Does a TV need a voice assistant?

Siri major update

3 Mistakes Apple May Solve This Year TechRechard

It’s time to make Siri smarter.

In the new beta versions of iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5, there are small but numerous changes. It will no longer be possible to assign any default voice – when setting up the system on a new device. You need to select the voice that suits you best. Also, new voices have been added. Someone reported that the Siri implementation in iOS 14.5 beta 6 is significantly larger than before – but this has not been confirmed.

But it will be already in iOS/iPadOS 15, the beta versions of which will appear in June.

iPhone 11 battery problem

3 Mistakes Apple May Solve This Year TechRechard

Many people complain that the iPhone 11 does not correctly display the remaining battery capacity.

How to Save Battery Life on Your iPhone or Apple Watch?

In fact, the iPhone 11 isn’t the only one with battery problems. Since it still sells well and even leads the charts, the focus on it is understandable. IOS 14.5 beta 6 introduces a function to recalibrate the battery of any of the iPhone 11 line. On iPhone models that support this function, recalibration starts automatically after installing a new iOS beta. And it goes on for weeks. iOS 14.5 Confirms Apple Is Making Magnetic Removable iPhone Battery

Not in all cases, the treatment ends with the “healing” of the battery. If your iPhone is still under warranty, the battery should be replaced free of charge by an Apple Authorized Service Provider. And if the warranty period has passed long ago – most likely, at your expense. The function is still in test mode. The next step is to support all iPhone models that will install iOS 15.

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