Sometimes a screenshot can be used to solve a problem quickly enough. Also, the screenshot may well be used as evidence. Nevertheless, many people neglect this function or do not even know about its existence, preferring to photograph the image from the monitor.

Using a dedicated button

3 easy ways to take a screenshot of your computer screen

The fastest and easiest way to take a screenshot is to press the corresponding button on your keyboard. She is usually signed as PrtSc. This letter combination is short for print screen. Sometimes you need to use the combination Win + PrtSc for the function to work correctly.

Using this button while holding down the Alt key will allow you to capture not the entire screen, but only the open window or application.

It should be noted that the screenshot is not accompanied by a sound effect. Also, a snapshot taken in this way is stored in the clipboard, i.e., in RAM. Therefore, you need to save it, otherwise it will be lost when you turn off your computer or when using the “copy / cut” functions, since they also use the clipboard and displace the image from there.

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To save a screenshot, you need to open any graphics editor, for example, the standard Paint program, and use the “Paste” function or the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + V. Then the resulting image must be saved.

You can also insert a screenshot in MS Word or directly into a message on a social network using the same keyboard shortcut.

3 easy ways to take a screenshot of your computer screen

Using the Scissors tool

Another option for taking a screenshot is to use the Scissors program. It is more convenient when you need to take a screenshot of a specific area of ​​the screen, because it allows you to select it for capturing an image. Another advantage is that there is no need to use a graphic editor to save a snapshot, since the program has this functionality.

Using third-party programs

If for some reason it is not possible to use these methods, then you can always download a third-party software product. They are often very easy to use and have wider functionality than standard tools.

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There are a lot of such programs and they work on approximately the same principle. The most common ones are Lightshot and Screenshot.

However, when downloading, you need to carefully choose a site, since unscrupulous Internet resources may well reward the user with a computer virus.

What method of taking screenshots do you use?


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