1Password, a popular password manager, is taking another step towards the gradual transition from traditional passwords to passwordless authentication. The company has launched web support for its browser extensions, allowing users to manage their passwords across different platforms easily.

Expanded Browser Extension Support

Starting today, users can access the public beta versions of 1Password’s Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Brave browser extensions. This move follows 1Password’s previous efforts to incorporate password support into its apps for Mac, iOS, and other platforms. By offering browser extensions, 1Password aims to provide a seamless and convenient password management experience similar to Apple’s iCloud Keychain on Mac.

Enhanced Security with Watchtower

In addition to password management, 1Password’s browser extensions come with a feature called Watchtower. This feature keeps users informed about website updates that support password authentication. By leveraging Watchtower, 1Password ensures that users stay updated with the latest security practices across the web. Currently, this feature is available in the latest beta versions of 1Password’s apps.

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1Password Introduces Web Support for Passwords with Browser Extensions

Driving Industry-wide Adoption

1Password has been actively promoting passwordless authentication since its inception as a member of the FIDO Alliance, including industry giants like Apple. The company has also significantly encouraged websites to adopt more secure authentication standards through its developer tool, Passage.

Growing Industry Momentum

Google’s recent launch of password support further signals the industry’s progress toward passwordless authentication. As more companies and platforms embrace this approach, 1Password continues to lead the way by providing its users with robust password management solutions.

Accessing the Beta Version

1Password users can now try out the public beta version of the password-enabled browser extension by visiting the provided link. This allows users to experience the enhanced password management capabilities offered by 1Password across various web browsers.

1Password Introduces Web Support for Passwords with Browser Extensions

With passwordless authentication gaining momentum, 1Password’s web support for passwords via browser extensions demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing users with secure and user-friendly solutions for managing their digital identities.


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