In a highly anticipated move, 1Password has revealed that it will introduce password support to its platform, allowing users to embrace a biometric-based login technology called passkeys. This announcement comes after months of anticipation since the company first unveiled its plans in November. More details were revealed in an exclusive interview with 1Password’s CEO earlier this month, and now the official launch date has been confirmed.

1Password has announced that passwords will be integrated into its platform on June 6, providing users with a seamless and secure authentication method. A demo video has been released, showcasing the functionality of this innovative security feature.

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For a quick refresher, passkeys work similarly to how Apple Pay transactions are authenticated. Instead of relying on traditional passcodes, users will be prompted to use Face ID or Touch ID on their devices to verify their identities. The process is as follows: when a website or app requests identification, the iPhone responds by activating Face ID. If the face matches the stored biometric data, the iPhone sends the confirmation to the website or app, verifying the user’s identity.

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While this may seem similar to the Keychain login process, it is, in fact, an entirely distinct method. Keychain primarily authenticates users to autofill passwords, whereas passkeys serve as a replacement for passwords. The app or website only receives confirmation that the user’s biometric device has verified their identity without any direct knowledge of the actual passkey.

1Password CEO Jeff Shiner recently emphasized that users will not experience significant differences between autofill passwords and passkeys. This deliberate approach aims to ensure a seamless experience for users. Shiner stated that 1Password strives to make the process “seamless for the end user, whether it’s a password or passkey.” Additionally, he highlighted the company’s commitment to educating users about the functionality and strength of passkeys. Some individuals may be concerned about passkeys’ perceived simplicity and security level. However, 1Password intends to address these concerns and provide necessary guidance.

According to reports from The Verge, the password support feature is set to launch on June 6. Beginning on this date, users with a 1Password account can save and manage their passkeys, offering them a password-free alternative by leveraging the power of their device’s biometric authentication. Additionally, 1Password has hinted at the possibility of users replacing their master password with a passkey, although it remains unclear if this option will be available at launch. However, the company has promised that it will be introduced sometime during the summer.

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With the forthcoming integration of password support, 1Password aims to provide its users with a seamless and secure authentication experience, offering an alternative to traditional passwords through passkeys. By embracing biometric-based login technology, the company continues to prioritize user convenience and enhanced security.


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