The gaming industry is constantly evolving and updated with new content. Developers come up with plots of new games on their own or take them from life or from films, TV series, cartoons.

Night Trap

The first version of the game was intended for the Sega Mega CD, and then migrated to video format. Developed by Digital Pictures, which gave the player the right to choose a role for themselves. You can first become an observer, and then a savior for a group of people who know that they are being watched.

X-Files Games

1990s games digitized for personal computers

The eponymous series was wildly popular with viewers in the 1990s. The game, created for Play Station and PC, appeared in 1998. The product was created by HyperBole Studios, and Fox Interactive was created.

The game uses TV and original materials with a duration of up to 6 hours.

Under a Killing Moon

1990s games digitized for personal computers

The detective adventures of private detective Tex Murphy are familiar to gamers from different games. The product was released by Access Software in 1994, and two years later a novel based on the game appeared on the market. The main role was played by actor James Earl Johnson.

The 7th Guest

1990s games digitized for personal computers

In the beginning, the game with this name was tested by everyone who loved riddles and puzzles. Virgin Interactive Entertainment has created a product for the personal computer.

Fox Hunt

1990s games digitized for personal computers

Since the mid-1990s, the game has been sold on three CDs, developed by 3Vision Games. The trick is a large selection of plot finals.

Space Pirates

1990s games digitized for personal computers

Digitized video technology was applied to this game, which was first released for slot machines. In 1994, the developers made a version for the PC.

Corpse Killer

1990s games digitized for personal computers

In this shooting game in the 1990s, gamers first played with machine guns. Then the zombie story was digitized and transferred to the PC, but users were not happy. Difficulty aiming with a weapon using a gamepad.

Mad Dog McCree

1990s games digitized for personal computers

Westerns have always been and will remain in vogue, so this game, released by American Laser Games, was highly appreciated by gamers. The first part appeared in 1990, and two years later – the second. The original versions of Reservoir Dog McCree were intended for consoles and submachine guns.

As a child, did you like to play various shooters, adventure games and riddles on the console?

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