Apple unveiled its 12.9-inch iPad nearly 8 years ago, and since then, it has undergone several design changes, including a slim bezel design and Face ID capabilities. As for what’s next for the iPad Pro, rumors suggest an even larger version may be on the horizon. Apple is reportedly working on a 14-inch iPad Pro; we have the latest information on these rumors. Keep reading to stay updated.

Rumors about the 14-inch iPad Pro

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman was the first to report on Apple’s plans to explore creating a larger iPad in July 2021. While details were scarce then, the report suggested that a larger iPad was in the early stages of development and would be released “in a couple of years.”

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In June 2022, Ross Young revealed that the larger iPad in development is expected to be 14.1 inches with a mini-LED backlight for the display and a ProMotion refresh rate of 1-120Hz, similar to previous iPad Pro models. However, Young’s prediction that the new iPad would be released in early 2023 is unlikely to come true with only a few months left.

More recently, Wayne Ma reported in The Information in October 2022 that Apple is also working on a 16-inch iPad Pro, adding to the excitement about the future of the iPad Pro lineup.

14-inch iPad Pro Rumors: Everything We Know

An M3 Pro chip, a hint of iPadOS 17, and more?

In late April this year, Twitter analyst 941 shared details about the rumored 14-inch iPad Pro. While this source has no established long-term track record, they were able to accurately predict some details about the iPhone 14 Pro before its launch.

According to Analyst 941, the 14.1-inch iPad Pro will feature a special version of iPadOS 17 and support an external display with two 6K monitors at 60 Hz. They also mentioned the use of the M3 Pro chip.

It’s unclear if the mention of “larger models” confirms The Information’s report of a 16-inch iPad Pro or if Apple is indeed working on multiple larger iPad models. As with any rumors, taking these details with a grain of salt is essential until official announcements are made.

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14-inch iPad Pro with MagSafe?

In recent years, there has been speculation that Apple intends to introduce MagSafe technology to the iPad Pro. Unfortunately, it was reported in early 2022 that the company encountered difficulties in making this happen.

Whether MagSafe will be incorporated into the larger iPad Pro models currently in development remains to be seen.

Rumors of a 14-inch iPad Pro have come to an end!

Although analyst 941 has revealed that a special version of iPadOS 17 is being developed for larger iPad Pro models, it is uncertain whether Apple will be ready to launch them this fall alongside the software.

When can we expect the release of the new iPad Pro models?

According to Mark Gurman, a significant update to the iPad Pro is expected in 2024. He recently confirmed that there will not be any substantial changes to the iPad Pro this year, and instead, a new design and OLED screens will be featured in the major update coming next spring.

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On the other hand, Wayne Ma from The Information reported that the 16-inch iPad Pro could be launched in the fourth quarter of 2023.

We also discussed that Apple’s Find My App reveals unreleased Mac Models.

It’s also possible that if Apple works on the 16- and 14-inch iPad Pro models, they could be released at different times.

Are you excited about the upcoming iPad Pro models with larger displays? In the comments, share your thoughts and what workflows or tasks you plan to do on these devices!


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