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10 Best Websites to Download Torrents Legally

10 Best Websites to Download Torrents Legally

Torrents are usually associated with piracy, but the truth is that there is life beyond illegal content. Many companies use BitTorrent technology to share large files efficiently; even music groups offer their records through magnet links.

But the thing does not stop there; many videos with Creative Commons licenses are distributed through Torrent, movies outside the commercial circuit, games with expired permits, and even books in ebook format, audiobooks, and free software distribution.

Completely Legal Torrent Websites

Below, we review some of the most prominent websites where you can find legal torrents. That is content that does not infringe any copyright to be downloaded and shared without any problem.

Legit Torrents

Legit Torrents is a torrent search engine that feeds exclusively on 100% legal multimedia content. It has a search engine and a filter classified by TV shows, movies, music, anime, books, software, etc.

Visit Legit Torrents

Public Domain Torrents

This is a website dedicated to preserving films in the public domain. It features old horror movies, martial arts, sci-fi, westerns, animated movies, and more. Here you will find chapters of Flash Gordon, black and white shorts of Tom and Jerry, films by Charly Chaplin, Buster Keaton, and even musicals of the 30s.

Visit Public Domain Torrents

BT Etree

Community to share recordings of live concerts of bands and artists “trade-friendly.” The idea behind this project is to listen to a group you like and then see them play live or buy their album.

Visit BT Etree


PandaCD is a P2P exchange network for musicians where we can find music legally distributed under a Creative Commons license and the artist’s permission. We will discover discs in very high quality, FLAC, MP3, and other formats for this exact reason. An excellent place to find new music and expand our library.

Visit PandaCD

Linux Tracker

This repository of torrents to download has one of the largest varieties of Linux distributions we can find online today. From Linux Mint through Netrunner, Budgie, or AlmaLinux, among others.

If you are a Linux fan here, you will find different versions of the same distro, updates, and recent uploads with the latest news in torrent format.

Visit Linux Tracker


TAS (Tool-assisted) videos are videos where complete gameplays of games are recorded, but with a particularity: they are perfect games. It seems as if a human with superpowers is playing capable of not making a single mistake.

To do this, they use emulators, slow-motion trailers, and even bots to get the best gameplay that has ever existed. The TASVideos website includes games from all the major franchises, such as Sonic, Mario Bros, Pokémon, and Final Fantasy, available for download via Torrent.

Visit TASVideos

Academic Torrents

An excellent place for lovers of science and knowledge. We face a community dedicated to sharing torrents of academic papers, datasets, and learning courses. Whether you want to learn how to play songs by ear, need to consult a medical manual, or read about the latest research in biology, here you will find a lot of exciting material.

Visit Academic Torrents

Internet Archive

Like Public Domain Torrents, the Internet Archive is one of the largest online repositories dedicated to preserving ancient material. All content is in the public domain and includes downloadable movies in Torrent format, music, video games, and even magazines.

Visit Internet Archive

Vuze Studio HD Network

Vuze is one of the most popular torrent download clients, and among other things, it also offers legal torrents that we can download from its website without fear of breaking the law. We find comedies, movies, music videos, podcasts, TED talks, and more in its content catalog. The interface is a bit dated, but they keep regularly uploading content.

Visit Vuze Studio

BitTorrent Now

Similar to the Vuze repository, BitTorrent Now is a space where we can mainly find music from artists available for free download for personal use. The web does not seem to load very well lately, although you may find something interesting if you like alternative music and have a little patience with the interface.

Visit BitTorrent Now

Fedora Project

Fedora is a free and open-source Linux-based operating system. It’s available for desktops, servers, IoT ecosystems, and more. All ISO and installation packages can be downloaded directly and officially in Torrent format from your repository.

Visit Fedora Project

Do you know other sites to download torrents legally? If so, do not hesitate to leave your recommendation in the comments area.

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